Hololens development experience

ckvt_sjw0aahfy_This week I had my first Hololens experience at Xpirit. We had one day to develop a demo for a customer. It is really fun to work with such innovative software and be able to get it working in one day. An extra Xpirit innovation day to the usual innovation days!

First Hololens experience

When I see the Hololens demo’s by Microsoft, they look almost to good to be true. But when I wear the Hololens for the first time, I was amazed how stable the holo graphic images where. The interaction is like you are in a science fiction movie. Walking around holograms works really well. The holograms are very stable. It almost seems they are really there.

Programming for the Hololens

We had a real customer case to work on. They had provided us with their 3D models. We started with experiencing the Hololens for ourselves, to be able to get fresh ideas on what we could demo our customer. Next we loaded the models and started thinking on what we would be able to create.

I already installed the Hololens SDK tools. Dennis loaded the 3d models into unity. Explained how we could interact with the models. When testing we discovered there was a bug in version 18 of the unity tooling that prevented us to do debugging. Not able to debug made first time programming a harder. And sharing the software in a source control system like GIT needed some extra research. A good ignore file for unity files helps!

In our design we wanted to interact from our desktop with the Hololens. We implemented a SignalR hub to manage the communications between the Hololens and our desktop application. The end result was very nice!

I’m looking forward to our next Hololens project!


Thanks to the team Dennis Vroegop, Geert van der Cruijsen, Alex Thissen and Pascal Greuter for working on the demo.


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