#TechdaysNL 2017 Pester session

VSTS Marketplace Pester task hereOn October 13 2017 I did session on start testing with Pester at Microsoft TechdaysNL. The presentation gives a howto start with testing with Pester, simple Pester syntax, start testing functions and infrastructure testing. Download the pdf:


You can find the VSTS Marketplace Pester task here

When I have the recordings of the presentation, I’ll add them to this post.

Thanks to the 80 enthusiast who were there. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm.

One thought on “#TechdaysNL 2017 Pester session”

  1. Hi Peter, we’ve been trying to use your Pester marketplace tool and point it to our tests which are in a specific location ‘$(System.ArtifactsDirectory)\PesterTests\*.tests.ps1’ but it doesn’t appear possible as it will only accept ‘*.tests.ps1’ which doesn’t contain our tests? Are we missing something here?


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