Peter has acquired extensive and varied experience as a Software Architect, Tech Lead, Consultant and Lead Developer, because of his work in development and service provision in a variety of organizations. In his work for different organization he has extensive knowledge of Azure and on-premise software development processes (Application life cycle management).

Peter is passionate about sharing the knowledge he acquires by sharing it with others. Blogging, Open Source and answering online questions on Stackoverflow are some places he is sharing his knowledge. On his blog he writes on the variety of subjects like .NET Core, VSTS, Azure and Infrastructure as Code. Some of his blog posts are accepted on the Microsoft MVP Blog.

Peter has written and maintaining a number of different VSTS build and release extensions that are all Open Source on Github. When possible he shares insights and newly acquired knowledge to others to learn and improve.

In his spare time Peter like to go cycling, go walking, play games and play table tennis. He loves to do activities like swimming, hiking and biking with his two kids which are two and four years old.

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