Announce changes with ItemStatus WPF

After announcing changes on the screen with LifeRegionChanged, I found how I can use ItemStatus to do something similar for the focused element. Using ItemStatus can be used to keep track of the status of an element and announce status changes on the element. In this post, I’ll give a sample of validation on a TextBox and explain how to use AccEvent.exe tool to see the accessibility events.

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Narrator announce status changes

Status changes announced in WPF

In this blog post, I want to discuss how to make status changes on the screen accessible to users with a screen reader. In this case, the user started a process and as time passed, the process when through a number of states. When the state changes the narrator should announce that to the user.

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Narrator reads collapsed content

WPF, hide collapsed content to be ignored by the narrator

Last week, I worked on some accessibility issues. One of them was the windows narrator reading collapsed content. Hidding the content from the narrator was a little harder than I would have expected when starting working on the issues.

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